About Us

The Washington Prospectors Mining Association is the largest non-profit mining association in the state of Washington. As an association we promote and support prospecting and mining for all weekend, part time, and small-scale miners and prospectors. We host an annual gold, gem and mineral show. Membership is open to anyone interested in prospecting and mining for gold and other precious gems and minerals.

We currently offer the following to our members:

  • Monthly meetings in Kent and Mount Vernon.
  • Mount Vernon Meetings held each month on the second Tuesday at Round Table Pizza 115 E. College way.
  • Kent meeting is held each month on the third Thursday at Denny's 1246 N. Central Ave.
  • Workshops and outings to gold producing areas around Washington State.
  • A newsletter published 4 times a year to keep you up-to-date on our latest mining activities.
  • Access to over 1665 acres of Association claims and some specific members claims throughout the State of Washington, Oregon, and California. Keep all the gold you find.
  • Access to our private Facebook page.


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