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I WILL RESPECT other prospector’s claims and will not work those claims without the owner’s
I WILL HAVE on-site all necessary permits and licenses.
I WILL BE THOUGHTFUL, considerate and courteous to those around me at all times.
I WILL APPRECIATE AND PROTECT our heritage of natural resources, wildlife, fisheries and private
property, and respect all laws and ordinances governing prospecting and mining.
I WILL NOT REMOVE stream bank material destroy natural vegetation or woody debris dams, nor
discharge excess silt into the waterway .
I WILL NOT PROSPECT in areas closed to prospecting and mining.
I WILL BE CAREFUL with fuels and motor oils and be cognizant of their potential destructive effect on
the environment .
I WILL REMOVE and properly dispose of all trash and debris that I find; I will not litter.
I WILL BUILD fires in designated or safe places only, and in accordance with current State and Federal

The WPMA has access to 1665 acres of claims available for members to use. The claims are located in the states of Washington, Oregon, and California. You keep all the gold you find on the claims. Click here to see our latest list of available claims.

  When panning or visiting a claim we need a claim report for each trip Please use the Mining Claim Work Form link Bottom of this web page.

The WPMA have a few mining claims that are behind locked gates. If you, as a member desire to obtain a key for access to these claims, you will first need to contact the key custodian identified in the Claims Guide well in advance to see if a key is available. If a key is available for the time period which you desire, you have the option of making arrangements to pick up the key in person or having it mailed to you at an additional cost of $5. This is in addition to the $50 key deposit. If you are going to obtain a key, please download this Key Checkout form. You will need to read and complete the form, then bring it or mail it with the $50 deposit and $5 shipping fee. If mailing, please use 2 checks/Money Orders to differentiate between the deposit which will be held until the key is returned and the shipping fee which will be deposited immediately. Before requesting a Key for Sultan Claim please watch this short Video which is 20 minutes of a three hour trek to the claim. 

Important information regarding The Uncle Buds Claim.
The Index-Galena road east of Index has been washed out thus prohibiting vehicle traffic by this route. You may still hike in from the barriers. There is an alternate route for vehicles via Beckler River road and over Jacks Pass.

WPMA members are allowed to take guests with them to the claims. This allowance is provided to give our members the opportunity to share with their family and friends, who are not members, the experience of prospecting and mining , and to show off our mining claims. As such, there is the stipulation that any guest may only visit twice, then if desiring to continue to come upon the claims, must become a member of the WPMA. In order to protect the association against any liability that should arise while on our claims, You, the member, is responsible for filling out a "Visitor Release of Liability" and getting it submitted to the Association. In advance of your visit, the member and his guest(s) read, sign and date the release, make a copy, mail the original to the association and carry the copy with you while you are on the claim.


DISCOVER PASS For Washington State Parks, and some WDFW and WDNR managed lands;

America The Beautiful - The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass For Federal Recreation Lands (HARTS PASS AREA IS A FEE AREA)

Senior Pass for those who are over 62 is available for Federal Recreational Lands.    Life time pass one payment.  Also noted that all Active Duty personal and thier families get free passes for our National Parks and Recreational Lands.  It is good to view all options available for you.  Senior Pass Cost is a one time Purchase of $80. You can bring 4 others in with your pass to any National Park or National Forest.  A great deal for anyone getting close to retirement. 



If you have mined or worked on any of the available claims please print out the form below, fill it in and mail it to our claims officer.

New Address  Please note and update if you have an old claims form.
Bruce Pedlar
Claims Officer
7022 Lazy Court SW
Tumwater, WA 98512

Or Email to Claims Officer
Mining Claim Work Form

The forms are formatted in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and requires the
Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print. You can download the free reader directly from Adobe.

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